24th Miss Valentine tournament was succesful for Ukraine and Russia.

20. Feb 2018

Russia took a double win in AGG tournament both in seniors and juniors. Gold medal in seniors with 35,416 points went to Roxett and silver medal with 35,350 to Sura. Team Sanix Valens from Finland won bronze medal with 34,116. In AGG juniors Victoria Sterla(36.666) outperformed Roxett(35.466) a little more than a point. Third place went to team Mireth from Estonia with 34.250 points who beat the Junior team(34.033) from Estonia in a tight competition. AGG girls competition first place went to team Siidisabad(EST)

In RG tournament all around winner was Vlada Nikolchenko from Ukraine with 65,150 points. Second place also went to Ukraine, to Yanika Vartlaan with 58.900 points. Bronze medal went to Aidana Sarybay(KAZ) with 55,900. The best from Estonians were Carmel Kallemaa(5th place) who won bronze medal in hoop and ball finals.

RG group gold medal went predominantly to national team of Ukraine. National team from Estonia who also did their debut in Miss Valentine got silver medal in 2 ribbon, 3 balls and broze medal in 5 hoops.

First time ever in Miss Valentine history Estonian TV channel ETV+ proadcasted the finals.

The whole competition ended with a beautiful galashow which was dedicated to Estonia for its 100 years birthday. The chief organiser Janika Mölder said that gala was very heartwarming. “Overall the whole event was a success and I am looking forward to hosting Miss Valentine 2019 which will be nr 25th in row, ” adds Mölder.


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(by Riinu-Liis Lajal)


(by Riinu-Liis Lajal)


(by Maarja Jõgi)