First competitors arrive in Estonia

5. Feb 2013

First delegations arrive today in Tartu, Estonia for the 19th Miss Valentine tournament. The competition begins officially on Thursday 10 AM (9 AM CET).

Among the first arrivals are the Australian and Greek gymnasts. The first World Cup competitor to test the competition hall is going to be Jaelle Cohen from Australia.

The competition hall will be all set for the first official trainings tomorrow morning. “The organizing is going well so far. Because of bad weather conditions only the Swiss Timing equipment is late, but we hope that by tomorrow morning we’ll have everything,” says Janika Mölder, chief organizer of Miss Valentine. “We are prepared for the competition and are especially happy to host the RG World Cup event.”

World Cup will begin on Friday evening. It will be the first time when RG World Cup is hosted in Northern-Europe.

Several London Olympics participants will be competing in the World Cup. The special guests on the Gala show are the Olympic bronze medallist Liubov Charkashyna (BLR) and world championship bronze medallist Aliya Garayeva.