First European Championships in AGG are held in Tartu

13. Feb 2016

Today and tomorrow Miss Valentine is hosting first ever European championships in AGG. The event starts today at 13 and continues with finals tomorrow.

Almost all the best european teams are competing for the title. Both junior and senior world champions and silvermedalists are here at the event. Favorites are the world champions team Minetit(FIN) and the silvermedalists team Expressia(RUS), also 4 time world champions team Madonna(RUS) and 6 time world champions team OVO(FIN)

From Estonian senior teams you will see competing VkJanika Tallinn and Perfetto form VkRütmika. In juniors VkJanika Diamonds, VkJanika Tallinn, VkJanika Rosett and VkRütmika Perfetto will compete for the title.