In one week: the first ever RG World Cup in Northern Europe

31. Jan 2013

Exactly in one week the world’s top gymnasts will be competing at Miss Valentine World Cup in Tartu, Estonia.

The tournament itself takes place for the 19th time, however it is the first time the event was chosen for the FIG RG World Cup.

“We are dreaming already many years of having a RG World Cup event in Tartu,” says the chief organizer of Miss Valentine, Mrs. Janika Mölder. “In july we applied once more and last year in August the desicion fell on us.”

782 participants from 21 countries

In addition to RG stars the competition brings to Estonia also the best aesthetic group gymnasts (AGG). Bringing together the two sports on one single tournament has been a long tradition of Miss Valentine.

From 7th until 10th of February you will see competing 782 gymnasts from 21 different countries.

FIG will be represented on the competition by legendary Maria Gigova from Bulgaria.

Olympic stars on Gala

The special guest include London Olympics stars Liubov Charkachyna and Aliya Garayeva, who will be performing on Miss Valentine Gala.

In World Cup event you will see also other well-known top gymnasts. Among them world championships bronze medallist Melitina Staniouta from Belarus and European championship bronze medallist Ganna Rizatdinova from Ukraine.