Photos and videos from Miss Valentine 2016

19. Feb 2016

Thank you all for being part of Miss Valentine 2016! We hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you again next year.

You can relive the moments of the competition through all of the photos and videos captured by so many talented video- and photographers. Here some useful links (this list will be constantly updated in the coming weeks!)


Videos by Karoliine Holter, Freyja Tralla and Patrik Rio Monka are posted on Miss Valentine YouTube channel:

Miss Valentine Youtube

The whole competition is captured on video by Marc Schuirmann:


You can also order the DVD’s here: for AGG and for RG

There are lots of exclusive pictures and videos available also on our Facebook page:

Miss Valentine on Facebook


Riinu Liis Lajal

Album 1 training day

Album day 1 part 1part 2

AGG European Championships

Album day 3 part 1, part 2, part 3

Album day 4 part 1, part 2, part 3

AGG European Championship finals



Tom Theobald



Are Tralla

Album 1 

Album 2

Miss Valentine passion




AGG Junior Senior

RG Pre-junior



Ulrich Fassbender

Wednesday 10_February_Trainings

Thursday 11_February

Friday 12_February

Saturday 13_February

Sunday 14_February


Indrek Kask

Instagram Feed (website updates to follow)

AGG European Championship


Kate Ianiuk

Album 1 Trainings

Album 2 Juniors

Album 3 Groups

Album 4 AGG