Rizatdinova won 5 gold medals on Miss Valentine 2016

14. Feb 2016



Anna Rizatdinova from Ukraine won five gold medals on this year’s tournament.

Rizatdinova, who has won previously 11 medals on World Championships, secured the all-around gold medal with 71.9 points. Silver medal went to the US to Nastasya Generalova (67,00 points) and bronze to Estonian Carmel Kallemaa (66,35 points).

In hoop finals, Rizatdinova took the first place with 18.6 points, second was her teammate Viktoria Mazur (17.7 points) and third the Estonian champion Viktoria Bogdanova (17.15 points).

Rizatdinova won the ball exercise final with 18.05 points, Mazur secured the second place with 17.55 pints and Elena Bolotina from Belarus the third place with 17.35 points.

In clubs finals, Rizatdinova earned 18.5 points, Bolotina was second with 17.35 points and Kallemaa third with 17.00 points.

Rizatdinova won the ribbon finals with 17.8 points, Generalova finished second with 17.3 points and Mazur third with 17.05 points.