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Miss Valentine 2017


World cup in AGG:

IFAGG European Championships 2016

AGG_European Championships_sen

AGG_European Championships_jun

Miss Valentine 2016

RG Senior individual Ball Final

RG Senior individual Clubs Final

RG Senior individual Hoop Final

RG Senior individual Ribbon Final

RG Senior individual

RG Junior individual Ball Final

RG Junior individual Clubs Final

RG Junior individual Hoop Final

RG Junior individual Rope Final

RG Junior individual

RG Junior groups

RG Senior_groups

AGG children 8-10

AGG children 10-12

AGG children 12-14

AGG MV juniors 

AGG MV seniors

AGG MV mixed teams

RG pre-junior rope

RG 2004 hoop

RG 2005 hoop

RG 2004 ball

RG 2005 ball

RG 2004 clubs

RG 2005 clubs

RG 2004 all around

RG 2005 all around

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Miss Valentine 2015


IFAGG World Cup Final

IFAGG Challenge Cup Final

AGG MV Junior 

AGG MV Senior 

AGG 8-10

AGG 10-12

AGG 12-14


Individuals Results Live

Groups Results Live

Sunday, 22 February

RG FIG Senior Ribbon Final / Hoop FInal / Clubs Final / Ball Final

RG Junior groups Final

RG FIG Junior Rope Final / Hoop Final / Ball Final / Clubs Final

RG Senior groups Clubs-Hoop / 5 ribbons

RG Junior Invitational Hoop / Rope / Ball / Clubs

RG 2003 Ball / Clubs

RG group Children Clubs

Saturday, 21 February

RG FIG Seniors AA Preliminaries

RG Junior groups preliminaries

RG Senior groups Preliminaries

RG Senior Invitational Ball / Clubs / Hoop / Ribbon

RG FIG Junior AA Preliminaries

RG 2003 Hoop

RG 2004 Ball / Clubs

RG 2005 Free / Hoop / Ball

RG 2006 Free / Hoop

Friday, 20 February

RG FIG Senior AA Preliminaries Day 1

RG Junior AA Preliminaries Day 1

RG 2003 Rope

RG 2004 Hoop

RG Junior groups Preliminaries Day 1

RG Senior groups Preliminaries Day 1




Sunday, 9th of February:

IFAGG World Cup Final

RG Senior Finals (all apparatus)

RG Junior Finals (all apparatus)

RG groups 10 Clubs // RG groups 2Balls3Ribbons

IFAGG Challenge Cup Final

RG Age group 2002 Clubs // RG Age group 2002 Ball Final

RG Age group 2005 Hoop // RG Age group 2005 Free Final

RG Age group 2004 Ball // Age group 2004 Free Final

RG Age group 2003 Hoop // RG Age group 2003 Ball Final


Saturday, 8th of February:

AGG World Cup Preliminaries

AGG Challenge Cup Preliminaries

Seniors Clubs Preliminaries // Seniors Ribbon Preliminaries

Juniors Ribbon Preliminaries // Juniors Clubs Preliminaries

RG Senior group 3Balls2Ribbons Preliminaries

MV_AGG_Seniors Final

MV_AGG_Juniors Final

RG Age group 2005 Hoop  Preliminaries

AGG Age group 8-10 Final

RG Age group 2004 Ball Preliminaries

RG_Age group 2003 Ball Preliminaries

AGG Age group 10-12 Final

RG Age group 2002 Clubs Preliminaries

AGG Age group 12-14 Final


Friday, 7th of February:

Juniors Hoop Preliminaries // Juniors Ball Preliminaries

Seniors Hoop Preliminaries // Seniors Ball Preliminaries

RG Age group 2005 Free Preliminaries

RG Age group 2004 Free Preliminaries

RG Age group 2002 Ball Preliminaries

RG Age group 2003 Hoop Preliminaries

AGG Age group 8-10 Preliminaries

AGG Age group 10-12 Preliminaries

AGG Age group 12-14 Preliminaries