Benefits of sponsorship

Promote your brand at Miss Valentine!

Miss Valentine has become an elite competition showcasing world-class gymnasts from around the globe. The competition is a great palace to help promote sports and the well-being of young people.

Total attendance exceeds 3,000 visitors + 1,000 athletes and accompanying delegations from 30+ countries. Media coverage includes news coverage, live-streaming of the event and National Television broadcasts of the finals with 100,000+ viewers. Miss Valentine has a very strong social media presence with 13,000+ followers on Facebook.

For companies in the beauty, sports, health, food or another industry where the consumers are children, youth and families it is a great place to introduce or promote your brand, product or service.

Corporate sponsors, gift sponsors and free services providers are all welcome. Depending on your contribution we offer various possibilities for promoting your brand both pre-event and during the competition.

We ensure great on-site visibility around the carpet, on outdoor banners, posters, and on our website. Sponsors can also open free info-stands/tables/sales booths to promote their brand at the venue during the event. All sponsors will receive free passes to the competition.