Russia was unbeatable in FIG all-arounds


Miss Valentine 3rd day is now successfully behind us. Russia was unbeatable in all FIG all-arounds – junior, senior, junior groups and senior groups. Dariia Sergaeva(72.850) won in junior category just by 0,25 points. Alexandra Skubova(72.600) got a silver medal and Sofia Nikeeva(68.650) got the bronze. Senior competition was even more tense. Mariia Sergeeva(73.150) conquered Karina Kuznetsova(73.100) just by 0,05 points. Third place went to Eleni keleaditi(71.000).

Junior team of Russia(39.750) won the Estonian national team(36.000) by far. Third place went to national team oma Belarus(33.850). In FIG seniors all-around, Russia(44.050) won the gold medal ahead of Moscow region team of rhythmic gymnastics(42.100). Bronze medal went to national team of Finland(33.700).

Photos by Riinufoto